At the Tip of the Spear

PCS-Mosaic Holdings is a National Security “pure play” with exclusive customer focus in the intelligence community (IC), special operations forces (SOF), and related defense customer components, all charged with front line intelligence, SIGINT, cyber, and readiness requirements for missions that cannot fail.

PCS-Mosaic Business Units include:

Who We Are

PCS-Mosaic supports the U.S. Intelligence & Special Operations Community in Defeating Modern Digital, Asymmetric, and Near Peer threats by Developing Specialized Mission Systems & Software; Providing Mission Readiness Solutions for Intelligence Professionals, Cyber Warriors, and Special Operators; and Delivering a Full-Spectrum of Technology-enabled Intelligence Services.

Specialized Systems & SW
We Innovate...

Mission Readiness Solutions
We Train...

Cyber & Intelligence Services
We Enable...

Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission
Support our Nation’s Intelligence Professionals, Cyber Warriors, and Special Operators in Containing and Defeating Modern Digital, Asymmetric, and Near Peer Threats
Our Vision
The Undisputed National Security
“Middle-Weight Champion”
known to Deliver Digital-Age Systems, Solutions, and Services at Scale, with Ingenuity & Agility for Missions that Cannot Fail
Our Values
• Passion for Our Customers’ Missions •
• Solve “Tip-of-the-Spear” Mission Challenges •
• Ingenuity in the Application of Advanced Technology •
• Opportunity, Growth, & Fulfillment for Employees •
• A Culture of Nimbleness, Speed, & Agility •


National Intelligence Community

Special Operations

DoD Cyber Organizations


Specialized Systems & SW

We Develop Specialized Mission Systems & Software
  • Cyber & SIGINT Operations
  • Agile Methodology
  • Systems Architectures
  • Mission Networks and Data Management
  • Tactical Situational Awareness

Mission Readiness Solutions

We Provide Realistic Mission Readiness Solutions
  • Cyber Readiness & Cyber Exercises
  • Special Operations Mission Readiness
  • Realistic Military Kinetic/Cyber Environments
  • Live, Virtual, Constructive Exercise Planning and Execution 
  • Lessons Learned

Cyber & Intelligence Services

We Deliver a Full-Spectrum of Technology-Enabled Mission Services
  • Analysis & Targeting
  • Multi-INT Exploitation
  • Linguistics
  • Cybersecurity & Analytics
  • Mission & Program Support



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